Senior Turf

Senior Turf Teams - 2018


The teams are listed below

All players need to be registered by Wednesday via this website with SBE and also with Hockey QLD as South Brisbane Eagles players.  This process is the same as last year.


Division 4

Burns, Jessica

Burns, Olivia

Clapham, Teresa

Dignan, Emma

Eadie, Nicola

Higgins, Karen

Hinton, Katie

Lally, Britt

Prowse-Cooper, Taylor

West, Mary

West, Petra


Division 5

Blackmore, Stephi

Boyce, Jessica

Brudenall, Trista

Brudennal, Cleo

Holloway, Sarah

Hunter, Cassie

Jackson, Katrina

Martin, Carolyn

Morrison, Dahna

Myers, Abigail

Rane, Amira

Shannon, Jaimee

Walters, Brooke


Player Information

Club Trials

All players undergo a selection process for allocation into the appropriate team. 


Players are required to purchase their own uniform. A black skirt and bike pants, a playing singlet, both a pink and black set of socks and hockey shoes are the minimum requirement.

In addition, players or supporters can purchase other pieces of apparel such as hoodies, and supporter’s shirts.

Shin pads and mouthguard are a requirement for all players in any junior or senior competition