Annual BWHA Working Bee - Downey Park

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Sunday 15th March 2020

8.00am - 10.00am

We are calling on all Junior and Senior Grass Players/Supporters to please volunteer to participate in the BWHA working bee to help the club fulfill its obligations. All players who are not already involved in volunteering activities are asked to please put your hand up to participate. 

Task 1
Gurney store room beside first aid room, wipe down all surfaces including walls, scrub toilet and sinks
Equipment need: Gurney, hose, double adapter, scrubbing brushes, rubber gloves, clean cloth and bucket

Task 2
Scrub Just Hockey room floor, Umpire room - clean surfaces, scrub floor and Saturday office - wipe down all services and scrub floor 
Equipment need: Gurney, hose, double adapter, scrubbing brushes, clean cloth, bucket and broom.

Please email by Friday 6 March, indicating which activity you wish to undertake in order of your preferences. 

Thank you
SBE Executive Committee

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Turf Skills Development Clinic - SHC
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